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Ok so here are some facts about the most wonderful band. MCFLY!

Full Name:
Danny: Danny Alan David Jones
Tom: Tom Fletcher
Harry: Harry Mark Christopher Judd
Dougie: Dougie Poynter

Date of Birth:
Danny: March 12, 1986
Tom: July 17, 1085
Harry: Jan 23, 1985
Dougie: November 11, 1987

Star Sign:
Danny: Pisces
Tom: Cancer
Harry: Capricorn
Dougie: Sagittarius

What do you do in McFly:
Danny: Danny Guitar and Vocals
Tom: Guitars and Vocals
Harry: Drummer
Dougie: Bass

Distinguishing Features:
Danny: Freckles, blue eyes, straight teeth
Tom: Dimple, one got 1
Harry: Blue Eyes
Dougie: Bleached hair? Cool Clothes!

Danny: Mum, dad and Sister
Tom: Little Sister
Harry: Mum, Dad, One Brother, One Sister
Dougie: Mum and Sister

Danny: Two police dogs
Tom: Dog and Cat
Harry: Two Dogs, cat and Four Chickens
Dougie: two lizards, two cats, two dogs, one hamster, and one frog

One thing I always carry with me:
Danny: Plectrum
Tom: Plectrum
Harry: Drumsticks
Dougie: Plectrum

Fave Actor:
Danny: Adam Sandler
Tom: Tom Hanks
Harry: Jim Carrey
Dougie: Brad Pitt

Fave Actress:
Tom: Katie Holmes!
Harry: Jennifer Aniston
Dougie: Anyone Fit

Fave Film:
Danny: ET
Tom: The Beach, Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, Shawshank Redemptio, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters
Harry: Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Dougie: Urethra Chronicals

Fave Tv Show:
Danny: Police Camera Action
Tom: Friends, Dawsons Creek
Harry: Friends
Dougie: Anything on MTV

Fave Band:
Danny: Bruce Springsteen and the e-street band or the who
Tom: Beachboys
Harry: The Used, Blink 182, Beatles
Dougie:Blink 182

Fave Male Singer:
Danny: Kelly Joe Helps and John Mayor
Tom: Tom delongs, Justin Timberlake
Harry: Chris Cornel
Dougie: Tom Delonge

Fave Female Singer:
Danny: Eva Cassidy
Tom: Avril
Harry: Alannis Morisette
Dougie: That Bird from Evenescence

First Gig:
Danny: Bruce Springsteen
Tom: Bryan Adams
Harry: Doors Tribute Bands
Dougie: Wet Wet Wet at wembley

Best Gig
Danny: Bruce Springsteen
Tom: Limp Bizkit
Harry: The Used
Dougie: New Found Glory, Finch, Starting Line

Danny: Treat other as you would like to be treated
Harry: Live Fast Die Fun

fave Drink:
Danny: Grap and Melon High Juice
Tom: Grape and Melon High juice
Harry: Apple Juice
Dougie: Lucozade

Fave Food:
Danny: Spah Boll, warm Cookies, cake , chocaltae eclairs
Tom: Pizza, Pop tarts
Harry: Spaghetti
Dougie: Greek, Seafood

Bad Habits:
Danny: Bite my nails
Tom: Pissing in swimming pool
Harry: I click my fingers

Describe yourself:
Danny: Innocent, Never stressed, chatty
Tom: Honest
Harry: Lazy and Sly
Dougie: A Dark Horse

Biggest Turn on:
Danny: Girls
Tom: Katie Holmes!
Harry: Sexy Smile, Eyes
Dougie: Girls in Thongs

Turn Off?:
Danny: Hharrys Feet and Spots
Tom: Harry's Feet
Harry: Danny! Bad Breath!
Dougie: Cammel Toe

Dream Car:
Danny: Lamborighini, American Pick Up
Tom: MIN!!
Harry: Ford Capri
Dougie: I dont like cars

Fave Subject in School:
Danny: PE coz I was good at it
Tom: Art, Music and Science
Harry: Art
Dougie: Anyone that didnt have to much work

Who inspires you?:
Danny: My Uncle Andy, Parents, Bruce
Tom: Beach Boys
Harry: Travis Barker, and parents
Dougie: Gareth Gates

Embarrasing Moment:
Danny: was in exam and sneezed and farted
Tom: Fell over a massive sign outside a packed pub at lunchtime with my friends
Dougie: When I blocked up a toilet with a monster poo which we later named Jeff

Celebrity encounters?:
Danny: met Busted!
Harry: Blink 182
Dougie: Blink 182

Fave Chat up Line?:
Danny: Being Myself
Tom: Dont use one
Harry: Dont have one
Dougie: Dont have one

Danny: Football, Guitar
Tom: Guitar, Hate Football!!!
Harry: I love any sport, Mainly Cricket!
Dougie: Spying on Harry at night

Anything Else?:
Danny: Fave word: Homodom and Rat leg
Harry: I love spending time with my friends

Ok so im watching the EPl reveiw show and OMG! I was watching the highlights for the Chelsea game. In the very first minutes Petr Cech was hit really bad with a knee from another player. I was OMG! I couldnt believe how stong it looked, he was replaced. Then later in the game the replacement goal was hit really bad during the last minutes of the game. He was also Stretcherd off. Well the funny part is that JOHN TERRY had to be the Goalkeeper, lol. I laughed cause terry is a defender not a keeper. It was funny seeing him in that unifrom. Well thats my update.
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